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Ibanez TS808 Tube Screamer Overdrive Pro Guitar Effects Pedal

AUTHORIZED IBANEZ DEALER SUPER FAST AND FREE SAME DAY SHIPPING The Ibanez TS808 Vintage Tube Screamer Reissue is back. This is the incomparable overdrive pedal that vintage gear hounds are always hoping to find. The 2004 TS808

1 month ago on ebay.com
Ibanez Maxon Pedal Battery Cover 8 & 9 series - TS808 / TS9

and others with a battery cover on the bottom: AD-9, AF-9, AD-80, AF-201, BC-9, CP-9, CS-9, CP-835, CS-505, FL-9, FL-301, GE-9, GE-601, OD-9, OD-850, OD-855, PQ-9, PT-9, PT-909, SD-9, SM-9, ST-9, TS-808, TS-9, TS-9DX, etc…

1 month ago on ebay.com
DANELECTRO BLUE PAISLEY OVERDRIVE *super rare! Ultimate Tube Screamer Ts-808 Ts9

dollar guitar tech would custom fabricate. We use only the best components to ensure that our products can handle the abuse the road throws at them. When you buy vintage gear from us, you buy with the confidence of knowing…

1 month ago on ebay.com
Ibanez TS-808 vintage tube screamer with 4558D-JRC.

Vintage good condition. Has registered trade mark,spacing between TS-808 and front power supply with nut. Chip 4558D-JRC

1 month ago on ebay.com
Genuine Battery Cover for Ibanez Maxon Compact Guitar Pedals - TS9 TS808 AD9 CS9

Up for sale is a brand new genuine Ibanez battery cover for their compact guitar pedals.  This is the original version with "Maxon" logo stamped on the back.  Will fit both vintages and reissues.  If you need a…

1 month ago on ebay.com
VOX V810 Overdrive *Maylasian RC4558P Chip *Tube Screamer Circuit

stompboxmuseum Store this is just an awesome pedal that truly gives the classic ts808 sound in a more attractive box with hard bypass "The Vox Valvetone V810 is a great sounding pedal with true bypass, discontinued in…

1 month ago on ebay.com
MXR Commande Overdrive *Malaysian RC4558p Tube Screamer Chip

stompboxmuseum Store Somewhere between a TS-808 and a DOD 250 resides this obscure gem from the the original MXR company. This pedal may look quit bland but it sounds exceptional. This is truly a great sounding pedal; a…

1 month ago on ebay.com
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