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Luxman/Phase Linear - Audio/PLT 150 Amp - Original Magazine Ad -1988 (NW)

Jan-Ger Auction - Luxman/Phase Linear - - Audio Components/PLT-150 Amplifier - - Original Magazine Ad - Good Condition. Printing - 1988 - 2 Pages Lot # FOTA-7-43 NOTE: This is for the Ad only, NOT the items listed…

1 month ago on ebay.com
Car Stereo LOT 4

speakers are new rest is used . please NO RETURNS....I can't test so as is and cheap. Capacitor is missing one of the big SCREWS on top. Phase linear amp is missing the SCREWS/plates that you connect wires to . asis…

1 month ago on Dealslister
Focal Sub6 11

-designed amplification stage delivers clean, linear power An amp destined to live inside a speaker cabinet requires special design considerations that are often in direct contradiction with the power requirements of a sonically transparent…

1 month ago on ebay.com
PAC Premium AmplifierAdd On Replacement Radio Sound System Interface Kit GM New

New. The factory amp (if equiped) & system will remain unchanged. Interface is transformer isolated, maintains phase and is linear from 20 to 20,000 HZ. This 4 channel interface will allow the output to be adjusted to the…

1 month ago on ebay.com
Onkyo TX-RZ610 7.2 Channel Network A/V Receiver

custom capacitors, provide high instantaneous current for lightning-fast transient response and a frequency range that extends down to 5 Hz.Discrete amp circuits prevent phase shifting for an accurate audio image, cutting…

1 month ago on ebay.com
New Pacifric Creek E34I Stereo Integrated EL34 Tube Amplifier

) Shuguang EL34B and four (4) Shuguang 6SN7. E34I features point to point wiring, built-in passive preamp (input selector and volume control), 6SN7 SRPP input stage followed by a 6SN7 long tail phase inverter, and EL34 output…

1 month ago on ebay.com
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