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mtg mythic rare lot

This lot will include 2x Eldrazi Temple 1x Karn Liberated 3x Blightsteel Colossus 2x It That Betrays 1x Emrakul the Aeons Torn 1x Gideon Champion of Justice 1x Jace Beleren I will also toss in a All is Dust

1 month ago on ebay.com
mtg rares and mythic lot (read desciption)

You are buying a lot of mtg cards . All cards are in near mint condition. The lot contains , damnable pact, mardu strike leader, blood chin- fantic, atarka world render, silumgars command , living lore , illusory gains…

1 week ago on ebay.com
Huge MTG Mythic Lot!! 19 Cards!

This auction is for every single pictured card. FOIL Time reversal Admonition angel Frost Titan 2x Gaea's revenge Blood lord of vasgoth Massacre wurm Platinum emperion Lux cannon 3x novablast wurm Malfegor Uril the …

1 month ago on ebay.com
Mtg 100 rare/mythic/uncommon lot

There are two uncommon in these lot because they are worth money. Most of these cards have been played with. Have a few dual lands. If you want to know more message me. Make and offer

1 month ago on ebay.com
MTG Magic Lot Rare and Mythic

MTG Rare and Mythic Rare Lot, few uncommon and commons mixed in but mostly rare+

1 month ago on ebay.com
Mtg Black Mythic Lot Of 4

All 4 cards are in good condition. The Bloodlord is foil. Posted with eBay Mobile

1 month ago on ebay.com
MTG Arid Mesa, Rares, Mythics, Foils!! See Description!!!!!!

This listing is for 4 Magic The Gathering lots! Each contains one FOIL Rare, FOIL Promo, or MYTHIC, 10 Unique Rares, 5 MORE Foils and 50 random Commons/Uncommons!!!! One lucky buyer will receive all these items plus a…

1 month ago on ebay.com
MTG Journey into Nyx---- Prophetic Flamespeaker --- Mythic Rare

Nyx - Prophetic Flamespeaker Lot Content : - All cards will be NM and never played or used - All card will be in english PAYMENTS: PAYPAL ONLY PLEASE ALL PAYMENTS MUST BE RECEIVED WITHIN 3 DAYS AFTER OUR INVOICE. SHIPPING…

1 month ago on ebay.com
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