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Schumacher Electric Corp SCPSC-12500A Fully Automatic Charger and Engine Starter

and 6V regular batteries. Built in digital volt meter / alternator tester. Charging Mode: Automatic Voltage: 6 / 12 Clamp Size: 75 Amp. Charging Amps: 6 Volt: 1540 12 Volt: 2 / 1540. Starting Amps: 125. SKU: EGLT20203…

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Kenwood TS-700SP 2 meter All Mode 2m Transceiver

Transceiver clean and in excellent working condition. Comes as shown with original Operating Manual and Kenwood microphone.

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Kenwood TS-700SP 2 meter All Mode 2m Transceiver Radio *Used*

Kenwood TS-700SP 2 Meter 10w All Mode Transceiver*USED* Pictures are of the items offered for sale. Serial number 750561. For sale is (1) Kenwood TS-700SP All Mode 2 Meter Transceiver. This is a one owner unit as I…

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Original Print AD from a Magazine this collectible is about 8" x 10" PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: Due to the nature of vintage paper, advertisements will show some minor signs of aging and wear, including minor edges toni…

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Icom IC-211   2 meter all-mode

Icom IC-211 2-meter all-mode with encoder, looks nice (handle shows ware as in pics), no microphone. Brought up local repeter and recieved good reports. Per eBay Rules: All Used Electronic Items Are Sold AS IS - No…

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Icom IC 746 All Mode HF Radio With 2 Meter

Icom IC 746 all mode Hf radio with 2 meter, 100 watts, original hand microphone, matching Icom desk microphone, original box

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Kenwood TS-700 VHF All Mode Transceiver Capacitor Replacement Kit

This is a complete electrolytic capacitor replacement kit for the Kenwood TS-700 transceiver. As a retired broadcast transmitter maintenance technician, when I take in a piece of equipment not only is it restored…

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Icom IC 746 All mode HF radio with 2 meter

Like new IC 746 HF radio with 2 meter, original box, original hand microphone, matching desk microphone.

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ham radio KENWOOD TS-700SP 2m all mode transceiver w/ mic microphone

From an estate sale, a Kenwood TS-700SP ham radio, with microphone. I did not get the special 4-pin power cord, so I could not plug it in and test it. If someone can tell me which of those pins are what, I might be able…

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Vintage Kenwood TS-700S 2m All Mode Transceiver Analogue Hamm Radio Base Station

This Vintage Mid 70s Kenwood TS-700S 2m Multi Mode Transceiver Analogue Only, Ham Radio is in excellent working condition, although there is no power cord. This Kenwood Transceiver is great for any enthusiast! I had a…

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Kenwood TR 9000 2 Meter CW SSB FM

This has all but the AM for modes. I does transmit and receive good. SSB is off a little(around 10Hz) from the display reading it seems like. The RF Gain and RIT do not seem to work independently but instead both turn…

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Kenwood TS-600 VHF 6 Mtr All Mode Transceiver Capacitor Replacement Kit

- Qty 1 1000uf 25V - Qty 2 1000uf 50V - Qty 1 The capacitor kit photo is a generic photo used to cover a wide range of capacitor kits for Kenwood,Yaesu and Icom radios. Please have a look at my other listings for vintage…

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Original published by Kenwood, 1994-2 PRINTED IN JAPAN

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KENWOOD TS-590S HF/50 MHz All-Mode Tranceiver

Kenwood TS-590S with SO-3 TCXO Features Automatic Tuner RIT and XIT 32 bit DSP IF Down Conversion160-6 meters coverageEffective Noise Reduction Keypad entryRoofing Filters HF plus 6M Antenna connections Full and Semi…

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