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X2 Natural Herbal Smoking Blend (Calendula, Blue Lotus, Wild Dagga and more)

responsible for Taxes, Duties, Fees and any other paper work. *Legal Disclaimer: This product is sold as bulk botanical material, with no directions or claims, and solely for legitimate research, decoration, incense, or…

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New 14mm or 18mm Male Female Joint Swiss Perc Ash Catcher Mod Hookah Use Only

order. This item's only use is for hookah, or tobacco. NOT DRUGS We also sell DB Mix Pro. DB Mix Pro is a professional herbal extract mix that allows you to enjoy your favorite herbal extract or concentrate out of any e…

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pine resin, raw pitch tar 2 oz.

Raw pine resin for soaps, herbals, incense. You get 2 oz., the tar shown is 6 oz. freshly collected. (resin flattens and gets melted in summer, so you may get pieces that look smaller) We try to get out most of the…

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