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Hammond organ tone cabinet HR-40

Hammond organ tone cabinet HR-40 Description : Up for sale is a Hammond HR-40 tone cabinet. This item looks to be in great used condition. This item has not been tested as we do not have the equipment to test, this item…

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Hammond C2 organ that has been well maintained and serviced. Used as a practice instrument. Good condition with a couple of small scratches to the cabinet from general use. Buyer is responsible for pick up in Mt…

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Hammond Organ Tone Cabinets in working order DR-20 (two) ER-20, B-40

Working vintage Hammond speaker cabinets--20 watt amps (two amps in the B-40). 6V6. Selling together. If you arrange shipping, I will cooperate with shipper. Otherwise, you pick up. Speakers are Jensen A-12 in the B-40…

1 month ago on ebay.com
1950s Hammond Organ Oil Reverb Unit From HR20 Tone Cabinet Tested Working

This is an oil reverb unit that came out of a 1950s Hammond HR40 tone cabinet. It is in working condition. You can see the reading on the voice coil in the pictures. I also tested the piezo pickup to ensure that it…

1 month ago on ebay.com
Vintage Hammond BC organ w/ bench, pedals & HR-40 tone cabinet - No Reserve

Here is a classic Hammond BC organ in a walnut cabinet with bass pedals, solid bench and Cherry wood Hammond HR-40 tone/speaker cabinet. This organ is similar to the Hammond B-3 but has a chorus draw bar. The B-3 doesn…

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Hammond Organ Tone Cabinet Amp  HR-40 For Parts or Project

Hammond Organ Tone Cabinet Amp, Came from hr-40 Tone Cabinet, tubes not included. it was working before parted out, looks very clean under chassis no repair or cut wires. This amp is over 60 years old and sold as is.…

1 month ago on ebay.com
C3 Hammond Organ With Leslie And Tone Cabinet -  Fully Functional!!

1959 C3 organ with 45 Leslie and pr40 tone cab as well as pedals and bench, very nice wood on all pieces.  Has been serviced recently and is fully functional including drawbars, percussion, vibrato chorus.   Pick up…

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JR-20 Hammond Organ Tone Cabinet AO-15-C Vintage Tube Amp AO15C

JR-20 Hammond Organ AO-15-C amp.  Powers up, but will likely need rebuilt if you intend to use it in a JR-20 Tone Cabinet. Great platform for a guitar amp project. HEAVY iron.  PayPal only. Sold as is. International…

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Hammond B3 Organ and Leslie 122  *FREE DELIVERY  Chicago!

. Generator has been serviced, and all tone wheels checked/work. Bass pedals have been completely disassembled, cleaned, touched up and adjusted. Bass pedal piston felts have been checked and replaced if needed. Hammond B-3 Organ…

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Hammond C3/B3 Organ w/ 122 Leslie Speaker Excellent!

Hammond C3/B3 Organ Excellent! Up for sale is an excellent condition Vintage Hammond C3 organ same as the famous B3, but with a different cabinet designed for a church environment. The organ was used in my private smoke…

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Hammond 1960s Type IV/K 2-spring Reverb tank pan Gibbs 17

seen in some Hammond organs and PR-series tone cabinets. ? good for guitar amp project, organ project, or replacement. About 1.5 lbs. See our other listings for more music, radio, and broadcast audio stuff! Please…

1 month ago on ebay.com
Hammond ao 58 Hard With Cable version of Dynaco St 70 Stereo Tube Amplifier

TONE CLOSET/CABINET as they were called.Steel chassis and NO PCB all point to point wiring and chassis mounted tube sockets.This unit is functioning. It's been stored and unused for the past 20 years (at least). We are not…

1 month ago on ebay.com
Hammond Retrofit B3 Organ Setup For 122 Leslie 1953 B2

wiring and original and modern leslie outlet box. Setup to run 122 style Leslies and a tone cabinet. Neither are included. The leslie pictured is not included but is available in another auction. Original bench and pedals…

1 month ago on ebay.com
Hammond Organ 2 Channel HR-40 Amp LRA LR-A Uses 8 6V6 Tubes Guitar Project

Working Hammond HR40 6V6 6SN7 2-channel tube amplifier. This amp works, but I would recommend going over it and restoring as needed if you plan to use it in an HR40 tone cabinet. I acquired this cabinet with a C2, and I…

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MATCHED 1957 Vintage Magnavox P232 10

issues. No cracks, tears, or rubbing. They are black in color with alnico magnets. They were used for the BASS section of a 1957 Hammond HR-40 Tone Cab organ speaker cabinet and have never had more than 4 watts each through…

1 month ago on ebay.com
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