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Gibson Banjo

1983 Gibson RB 800 mint condition

1 month ago on
gibson mastertone banjo

Gibson master tone banjo - I know nothing about Gibson banjos - I can't find a serial number - I believe it's from the 1970's - sent pics to Gibson and with no serial number they said it was probably from the 1970's…

1 month ago on
1980's Gibson 5 String Banjo

This is a Gibson 5 string banjo, shown in the pictures.Thank you for looking at listings from Birky Consignment. For any items with free shipping, that only applies for the lower 48 states of the United States. Our…

1 month ago on
OLD The Gibson Guitar Company Kalamazoo Miniature Banjo Restorable Damaged

Up for sale is a 1930s The Gibson Miniature Banjo in Restorable Damaged condition. It measures approximately 22" long. As can be seen by the photos, it is damaged but restorable. It is quite heavy for it's size…

1 month ago on
1920's THE GIBSON Banjo Ukulele UB-1 Vintage Original Collector's Piece & Case

The Gibson UB-1 1920's Ukuele Banjo with original case. This uke is in very good condition and there is nothing missing. I believe someone has put a new head and bridge on it at one point in time. The pictures really…

1 month ago on
Gibson Banjo Strings, B or 2nd, plain, Loop end .014 Gauge, Pack of 11 strings

mojo729 Store Gibson Banjo Strings, B or 2nd, plain, Loop end .014 Gauge, Pack of 11 strings

1 month ago on
Vintage Gibson Mona Steel tenor banjo strings 4 strings in 3 packets E, ?, G, C

I bought these in a lot of old instrument strings. Don't know how old they are. Probably belong to the historical artifact category. Notice that the second string is in the same packet as the third string. See picture 6. "Free shipping" means cheapest form of shipping.…

1 month ago on
Ernest Banjo

neck, a couple of small dings on the resonator binding and some plating wear on the crest of the arm rest. I have more pics that I will forward to truly interested parties. This banjo comes housed in a red interior Gibson

1 month ago on
Bluegrass Banjo For The Complete Ignoramus Book Cd NEW!

Popular Discounted Guitar Reference Books In Stock! Search "Fender" "Gibson" "Gretsch" Etc..or Browse Categories In Our Ebay Store: Bluegrass Banjo For The Complete Ignoramus Wayne Erbsen Book / Cd The simplest…

1 month ago on
Murphy & Casey Henry Slow Jam Banjo DVD NEW!

Popular Discounted Gibson Books In Stock! Search "Gibson" In Our Ebay Store: Murphy & Casey Henry Slow Jam Banjo DVD "You just wanna jam. Why does that seem to be so hard? Is it because nobody plays slow enough? Because…

1 month ago on
Gibson,Inc 1969 Personal Letter from Carlton Pease  with drawing of Tone Ring!!

In July of 1969 I wrote Gibson,Inc. about a banjo tone ring. In response I received a letter from Carlton G. Pease and, a full size drawing of the only tone ring they offered!! If you know Gibson history you will…

1 month ago on
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