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Amprol 128 (amprolium) 20% Soluble Powder 10 oz Cocci treats 128 gallons

For Automatic Water ProportionersFor use in automatic water proportioners that meter 1 fluid ounce of stock solution per gallon of drinking water.To prepare dosage levels of:Dissolve AMPROL 128 (amprolium) 20% Soluble Powder in one…

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Simply Conserve Deluxe Water Saving Efficient Garden Hose 7 Spray Nozzle w bonus

per minute, creating considerable savings compared to 10 gallons per minute for unrestricted garden hose. As a bonus, included is a Simply Conserve Moisture Meter - use it to prevent over and under watering.…

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swine. Mixing Instructions For Water Medication Chickens - Turkeys - Swine Dosage & Indications For Use in Water Proportioners Add the following amount to 1 gallon of stock solution when proportioner is set to meter a the…

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Chemilizer Injector 9000-209

water flows as low as one gallon per hour, and will work with gravity via a water drop of as little as 5 feet (1.5 meters)! The Chemilizer can be ordered as a fixed pump with a ratio such as 1:128 or with an adjustable pump.…

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Animed Aniprin Lq Pm

water. Stir solution and meter with proportioner at the rate of 1:128 gallons. For 7 day continuous rate use 4 oz to 1 gallon of water on day 1 and 1 oz to 1 gallon of water for the remaining 6 days. Size: 32 Oz. Our e…

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