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Desert Bighorn Sheep mount

Desert Bighorn Sheep. World class 200" ram, museum quality mount reproduction horns. Item will be crated/shipped from AZ where he will be gone over and cleaned to make sure he reaches you in pristine condition.…

1 month ago on
BigHorn Sheep Bronze Sculpture

Original Bronze sculpture by Montana artist Terry Murphy.

1 month ago on
Ram Capricorn Mountain Bighorn Sheep Mammal Horns Belt Bucjke

nazare Store BIGHORN SHEEP RAM BELT BUCKLES!Belt Buckle Size: 2.5"(h) x 3.5"(w) (metric 6.5 x 9 cm) Belt Buckles fit belt 1.5" (metric 4 cm) in width. (Click on pics) To view more items!!! We offer Worldwide Shipping…

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Desert Bighorn Sheep Head Mount/ Ram/Horns/Stone/Dall/Bighorn/Goat/Taxidermy

This is a very nice full shoulder mount of a Desert Bighorn Ram. The taxidermy quality of this mount is very good. The mount is clean, smoke free, and in very good overall condition. The horns on this Ram measure 35 3…

1 month ago on
Alaskan Dall Sheep/Mount/Horns/Skull/Ram/Goat/Bighorn/Desert/Stone/Taxidermy

This is a beautiful full shoulder mount of an Alaskan Dall Ram. The mount is in mint condition and the taxidermy quality is excellent. Their is no brittle and breaking hair or any hair slippage. The horns measure 37 1…

1 month ago on
2014 Canada Wildlife in Motion Bighorn/Big Horned Sheep $100 Silver Coin

Store Category: $100 for $100 Fourth Coin in $100 for $100 series - Fine Silver Coin - Wildlife in Motion: Bighorn Sheep [PRE-ORDER] The fourth coin in the Royal Canadian Mint’s highly successful pure silver 100-Dollar…

1 month ago on
Record Book Desert Bighorn Sheep/Mount/Horns/Goat/Stone/Ram/Taxidermy/Decor

This is a very nice full shoulder mount of a Big Desert Bighorn Ram taken near Cimerron, Old Mexico. This Ram makes the Boone & Crockett Awards Book scoring 165 net. He gross scores 166 3/8" inches. The mount is clean…

1 month ago on
Super Slam North American Sheep/Mount/Horns/Desert/Bighorn/Dall/Stone/Taxidermy

This is a Super Slam of North American Sheep full shoulder mounts. I call this a Super Slam instead of a Grand Slam because we have added the hybrid Fannin Sheep along with the other four species. The Fannin is a cross…

1 month ago on
Rocky Mountain Goat Horns/Mount/Sheep/Ibex/Bighorn/Taxidermy/Decor

This is a couple of very nice sets of Rocky Mountain Goat Horns made into Bookends. Of course they can be displayed just as they are without the Books. The set on the left scores 45 4/8 net B & C. They are 9 4/8" x 9 2…

1 month ago on

snugchat Store LORDS OF THE FLY POSTCARDS Presents Wyoming Wildlife BIGHORN SHEEP The back of the card reads: BIGHORN SHEEP The male bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis) can weigh up to 275 pounds, which is used to generate…

1 month ago on
Awesome Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep/Mount/Horns/Ram/Goat/Desert/Taxidermy/Decor

This is a very nice full shoulder mount of a big Rocky Mountain Bighorn Ram taken in Montana. The Ram is clean, smoke free, and in excellent overall condition. The taxidermy quality is excellent also. This Ram has no…

1 month ago on
Big Stone Sheep Head Mount/Horns/Ram/Goat/Dall/Bighorn/Desert/Taxidermy/Decor

naturally colored this way. The mount is in excellent condition and is not slipping hair no their any hair tips breaking off. The Rams horns are 32 2/8" inches wide from tip to tip. The horns are 36 2/8" x 35 5/8" inches long…

1 month ago on
a set of full curl authentic bighorn sheep horn handcrafted endtable lamps

these lamps are made from a ram head i found in the rockie mountains, corral fence rail and a good old piece of barnwood. finials are matching muledeer antler , lampshades are included..

1 month ago on
Beautiful Stone Sheep/Mount/Horns/Goat/Ram/Bighorn/Desert/Dall/Taxidermy/Decor

This is a very pretty full shoulder mount of a Stone Sheep Ram from British Columbia, Canada. The taxidermy quality of this mount is excellent and the mount is clean, smoke free, and in very good condition. This Ram…

1 month ago on
Dall Sheep Head/Mount/Horns/Stone/Desert/Bighorn/Ram/Taxidermy/Cabin/Decor

shed in any way. The horns measure 32 4/8" x 33" inches long around the curls. The bases are 13 2/8" x 13" inches around. This mount will look fantastic in any home, office, hunting lodge, lake house, lodge homes, cabin…

1 month ago on
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