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Magitronics / Gigabyte GA-486VT 486 Baby AT Motherboard AMD CPU 4MB  8 ISA Slots

Gigabyte / Magitronic GA-486VM 486 Baby AT Motherboard Comes with an AMD 486DX/2-66MHz CPU 4MB Ram Memory 8 ISA Slots AMI Bios Bios String: X0-0100-001199-00101111-111192-UMC480B-H These are getting very hard to find…

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Intel Plato P54C/PCI AA 622998-205 486 Motherboard CPU RAM Complete 541277-205

Intel Plato P54C/PCI (1.00.04.AX1) AT MotherboardP/N AA 622998-205PBA 541277-205Just installed a 24 pin socket on the motherboard so we could replace the RTC Battery.5 ISA Slots & 3 PCI SlotsVery rare and hard to find…

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AZZA AT Azza 4SGS-3VL Motherboard SIS 85C471 Chipset ISA Slots WITH CPU & Memory

AZZA - AT MB Azza 4SGS-3VL VER.3.2 Motherboard Includes the Intel 486 DX2/66 MHz CPU with Heatsink and cooling fan4MB Memory and a new CMOS BatterySIS Chipset 85C471Bios String: 02/-9/95-SIS 85C471B/E/G-2C4I9000…

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